​Nanae Uehara

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「音」から宇宙に耳を傾ける vol.1 「調和」(ハーモニー)

 - Music for Peace of Your Mind

Kankyō Ongaku:
Japanese Ambient Compilation

  1. 透明な揺籠 - 上原 菜々恵

  2. 薤露青 / Kairosei - 冥丁

  3. The Universe in Ore - UNKNOWN ME

2021年9月5日放送 J-WAVE


Demo tape Audition




/ Music of the Celestial sphere

ⅰ. 147.85

 ⅱ. アストロアーツ / Planetary Ring  

ⅲ . 雨 / Planetary Rain


 music by 上原菜々恵

New Release


The concept of this album is

"natural healing power".

The title "fibrlin" is the name of the cell that makes blood a scab during spontaneous healing.

The official spelling of the cell is "fibrin",

but I got the "L" from "Healing" and named it "fibrlin".

May you listen to my music and be healed.

 And may your natural healing power go around.

spotify playlist

ⅰ . Healing is a Handshake

"Healing is a Handshake" mean is first of all, it is a playlist that thinks about the overall happiness and then the individual happiness.

Are you grateful lately?Let's take a look at the heart of music.



最近、感謝をしていますか? どこか温かさの感じる音たち。音楽の心を見てみましょう。


Visual library

photo by Takaki Yanagihara